Educators’ Week: Life on a Sandy Delta

June 7 – 12, 2020

The decision has been made not to offer Educators’ Week this summer.  As you know, we had hoped to offer a few days, but after looking over the guidelines from the Health Department we feel that we can not attempt to have Educators’ Week as we know it.  I think Heather Stehle stated it the way I was feeling: “We would be providing a black and white program, without any of the color that makes Educators’ Week what it has become.”

Paul and I have loved being part of this over the years and appreciate all your friendship, interest and support. We encourage you to keep on doing what you are doing to provide environmental/quality education to the communities in your state, especially to the children that participate in your programs. Our memories of you and time we shared are priceless.

Robyn will be sharing her version of Educators’ Week, as she learns what is possible for next summer.  A special thank you to her, Cincinnati Museum Center and The Edge of Appalachia Preserve System for taking on the leadership of this program!

Keep learning, keep your sense of wonder, and stay healthy,
Cathy Knoop

“The experience is always more than expected.  You are constantly learning, but you feel like you are on vacation.  It is fun and doesn’t feel like work as opposed to taking a class online or in a classroom setting. Also, instead of connecting and collaborating online you connect with people in person, which deepens both learning and relationships.”

Join us for our 12th year experiencing the natural history of Ohio at Camp Oty’Okwa.  The 700+ acre camp is under conservation easement and includes a dedicated state nature preserve, beautiful woodlands, hiking trails, and wonderful rock outcrops.  Participants will be encouraged to broaden their knowledge and learn techniques that will help them improve their skills as an educator.  

The delicate balance of people, natural resource use, and technological advances is at the heart of many local, national, and global news stories. Throughout the week, participants will explore hands-on best practice strategies for introducing people to the natural world and these issues. Using their professional expertise and experience, top naturalists and educators from around the state will facilitate sessions using the camp and local resources. Sessions will provide opportunities to gain an understanding of topics related to state standards by immersing the participants in a natural setting and a stimulating learning environment.

Educators’ Week is very fortunate to have outstanding sponsors and partnerships with the following: