Educators’ Week: Celebrating Successes

June 6 – 9, 2021

Join us for the 12th year of Educators’ Week as we come together using 21st century technology! While we are unable to offer a traditional, in-person event, you can still expect to have a wonderful and restorative time! Educators’ Week will take place wherever you are starting on Sunday afternoon, June 6, 2021. 

This year’s schedule will allow for six different sessions on a wide variety of science and natural history topics. Each session will provide great information, a hands-on activity, interactions with fellow participants and some outside time. A welcome session and wrap-up session will round out the conference allowing for additional social time, reflecting on the past year and taking a look towards the future. 

Educators’ Week is celebrating its 12th year virtually courtesy of Cincinnati Museum Center’s Richard and Lucile Durrell Edge of Appalachia Preserve System and Miami County Parks. This year’s conference would not be possible without the dedicated efforts of volunteers Mike NicolaiJoanne Rebbeck and Stan McDonald and the technical support of Susan Condy, Miami County Parks. Educators’ Week has had a long tradition of providing top-notch educational experiences to the region’s formal and non-formal educators. It has consistently been a place of rejuvenation and connections, both new and old. This year will be no exception! Yes, the format will be different, but we will be offering the same quality of presenters, hands-on activities and inspirations for the upcoming school year. 

Registration is now open!