Educators’ Week is an incredible opportunity to learn and spend time with others who value nature and the power of education just as you do. We recognize that the cost can be prohibitive! Each year we try and provide as may scholarship opportunities as possible. So, if you need a little help to make your Educator Week dreams come true, look no further than this page. Each scholarship has slightly different eligability reqirements, so please read each application carefully. Use the contact page to reach out with any questions.

2023 Scholarship application period will open March 1st and end March 31st.

Crane Hollow, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization that owns and administers the Crane Hollow Preserve.  Located in Laurel and Benton Townships in Hocking County, the preserve encompasses 1,988 acres, 1,300 acres of which have been dedicated as a state nature preserve by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  Crane Hollow works in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters Camp Oty’Okwa to foster knowledge and appreciation of the ecology in the Hocking Hills region.

Debra McMillan-Ash and William Ash Educators’ Week Scholarship

These scholarships represent the intersection of nature and education.  We encourage everyone to explore, appreciate and protect nature locally and beyond.  We also recognize the importance of education to support these goals.  We hope these scholarships will provide the opportunity to expose young people to nature which may develop into a life-long love and appreciation of the outdoors.

Paul and Cathy Knoop Scholarship

Over the course of their long and successful careers as educators, Paul and Cathy Knoop have inspired countless people of all ages all around the world. Whether it was through the science classroom, international gatherings, prairie, or forest the Knoops’ impact on others cannot be overstated. Their dedication to the pursuit of knowledge, stewardship of the earth, and lifelong learning is honored with this scholarship fund for Educators’ Week.