2023 Presenters

  • Chris Bedel, Preserve Director, Edge of Appalachia Preserve, Cincinnati Museum Center
  • Jenna Balazs, Watershed Education and Outreach Coordinator, Hocking Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Joe Brehm, Chief Program Officer, Rural Action
  • Kelly Capuzzi, Environmental Specialist, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
  • Dr. David Childs, D.D., PhD, Prof. of History, Social Studies and Black Studies, Coordinator of Social Studies Education, Director of Black Studies (Northern Kentucky University)
  • Susan Condy, School Education Coordinator, Miami County Park District
  • Dan Hodges, Environmental Education Supervisor, Johnny Applseed Metropolitan Park District
  • John Howard, Interpretive Naturalist and Wildlife Researcher
  • Cathy Knoop, Camp Oty’Okwa and CISV
  • Paul Knoop, Retired Education Director, Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm
  • Martin McAllister, Edge of Appalachia Preserve Conservation Coordinator, The Nature Conservancy in Ohio
  • Nathan Miller, AmeriCoprs Member, Edge of Appalachia Preserve System
  • Jen Parsons, Director, Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery
  • Jenny Richards, Naturalist, Shawnee State Park
  • Sam Romeo, Environmental Educator, Aullwood Audubon
  • Carolyn Sheehan, Education Coordinator, Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery
  • Ty Smith, Project Director, Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio (NAICCO)
  • Brittany Spratt, AmeriCorps Member, Edge of Appalachia Preserev System
  • Pat Quackenbush, Parks & Museum Education Program Manager, Hocking College
  • Jenny Yi-Ting Sung, PhD Candidate, University of Cincinnati, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Dana Wiseman, Educator, Sts. Peter & Paul School
  • Robyn Wright-Strauss, Chief Naturalist, Edge of Appalachia Preserve, Cincinnati Museum Center

Educators’ Week Organizers

Robyn Wright-Strauss

Robyn has been the Chief Naturalist at the Edge of Appalachia Preserve System since 2014. Among other duties, she runs the preserve’s environmental education program for local Adams County schools, conducts Educator Workshops, and leads summer programming for the youth of Adams County, Ohio.

Susan Condy

Susan has worked for the Miami County Park District since 2004. She currently holds the title of School Education Coordinator where she facilitates staff and several award winning education programs that reach school children from all corners and school districts of our county. Programs include: in person field trips and virtual experiences from the park, delivered to the classrooms.